A new espadrille concept


The #instint collection comes from the desire to create a new concept for the traditional footwear of our country. In the styles of the collection, we can see the details of the original espadrille along with some refreshing details to attract the younger customer and his desire for something new.


The I-22 is the culmination of a new concept of footwear, a style with a sneaker look but with the natural and original touch of a jute espadrille.


The I-44 is the footwear for all occasions. With a perfect mix between a casual and a sports shoe, it’s thought to be worn on lots of different moments.

blog-instint-6.jpg The I-55 is the renewal of the traditional basic espadrille. New details have been added to this style, such as the new sole or the side elastics, in order to give an extra comfort to the person who wants to wear it.

 blog-instint-7.jpg The I-66 is the original espadrille of #instint. This new design wants to bring a classic shoe to the younger customer. With the shape of a classic espadrille, the side elastics give this style an incomparable feeling of comfort.